During the social and health emergency produced by covid-19, the Association of Banana farmers of Magdalena, La Guajira and Cesar (Asbama) and their affiliates joined forces to supply some of the needs of the most vulnerable people in Magdalena.

Thus, in association with the Mario Santo Domingo Foundation, 1,050 solidarity market bonds were acquired from the Banana Association, which have benefited families from sidewalks of the department and neighborhoods of Santa Marta, low-income students of the University of Magdalena and sports journalists from the Colombian Association of Sports Writers Magdalena Chapter (Acord), who have been affected by their economic income during the crisis.

The solidarity market bonds, have a unit value of $ 100,000 and can be redeemed in D1 stores for basic products from the family basket and toiletries, in the case of populations where there is no presence of D1 stores, the association will It has been in charge of carrying the markets with basic necessities, in order to help mitigate the economic impact caused by the covid-19 health emergency in the department of Magdalena and in the district of Camarones in La Guajira, where 200 bonds were delivered.

“The solidarity market bonds acquired by Asbama will give vulnerable families in Magdalena access to products from the family basket, while also helping to boost the department’s economy. We have achieved all this thanks to the union of the banana plantations of Magdalena, La Guajira and Cesar, who are committed to helping mitigate the economic and social risks unleashed in this pandemic. ” José Francisco Zúñiga, executive president of Asbama, pointed out.

In the same line of collaboration, the banana marketers and producers affiliated with Asbama have donated more than 693 tons of bananas, which have been delivered to local food banks and vulnerable populations in the areas of influence of the activity. productive.

In addition to the above, the Fundación Social de Tecbaco SA (Fundeban) and Fundación Banasan, have led the delivery of more than 5,120 markets and 9,727 cleaning kits composed of soap, antibacterial and alcohol, as fundamental actions for the supply of families and prevention to prevent the spread of the virus.