These residential towers were built using 1,526 modules assembled on site

These residential towers were built using 1,526 modules assembled on site

In Croydon (United Kingdom), the tallest towers erected in modular construction are nearing completion. This process makes it possible to accelerate from 30% to 50% the conventional time of construction of skyscrapers.

It’s a life-size game of Tetris that ends in Croydon (United Kingdom), in the southern suburbs of London. In addition serious. The tallest building in modular construction in the world has just been completed.

Two residential towers (546 apartments), 135.6 meters high, with 38 and 44 floors respectively, were built using 1,526 steel modules stacked on a concrete podium built on the ground floor. The finishing works were carried out in one week per floor, after the modules were installed. Only the last details of the elegant glazed terracotta facade remain to be completed, for delivery scheduled for May 2020.

The construction of the towers had started in February 2018. The modules were installed in 35 weeks, allowing a delivery time twice as fast as for a conventional skyscraper.” While we are proud to have delivered the tallest modular tower in the world, it is not about breaking records, but about finding innovative ways to build better, more sustainable homes faster,” said John. Fleming, president of Tide Construction Limited, the company in charge of driving the site, and of Vision Modular Systems, the subsidiary which designed the pre-equipped modules (kitchens, bathrooms, plumbing and wiring).

Business owner and Croydon municipality officials take the opportunity to call on the government to reform the building permit system, stressing that modular construction can be a solution to the UK housing crisis .

In Singapore, the French company Bouygues Construction had inaugurated at the beginning of the year the Clement Canopy real estate complex, also composed of two towers (140 meters high). The 505 dwellings were integrated into buildings divided into 1,866 modules. Until next spring, these buildings will remain (with 40 floors less) the tallest modular buildings in the world.